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RE: [IP] "time of the month" question

On 11 Jan 2001, at 21:44, email @ redacted wrote:
> he said that 
> as long as I check my blood sugar frequently when I make a 
> change, and as long as I update him when I come in for my 
> appointments, I don't have to consult him about changes in my 
> basal rates.

Mine doesn't bother making those rules.  She knows I'm gonna do 
pretty much whatever I want to do anyway!  :-)

Then again, she knows I'm terrified of hypos and will be too 
cautious in that direction.  (She chastised me mildly at my last 
visit for being afraid of being between 60-80, even though I know I 
have to get used to it in preparation for pregnancy).  And she 
knows I'm highly motivated and a minor technogeek.
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