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[IP] Re: carb/insulin ratio

Kerri asked.....
<<So was that a fictitious (as in homework) equation you gave us or
was that your son's actual starting C/I ratio that was given to
I have no idea what his actual starting C/I ratio will be.  This is the ratio 
they gave us practice with and he is to figure the amount of insulin he would 
bolus for carbs and adjustments.  He is to figure it using the pump where he 
can do .1 instead of figuring it for MDI.  He has to keep a record and turn 
it in at our pump training.  They want to be sure he understands how much to 
bolus. Of course the actual administering of insulin is still being done with 
syringes and we can't do .1 that way -- we've tried it though. We've been 
known to go just a hair above or below a unit to try to get that wee little 
bit of an adjustment.   
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