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Re: [IP] Exercise

On 11 Jan 2001, at 9:55, Susan Schilling wrote:

> I am having a problem figuring out how to adjust basal or bolus to allow for
> exercise.  I have been pumping since Aug 99 and always avoided extreme
> exercise for fear of losing excellent control.  Exactly that has happened
> since starting to work out both on weights and bike.  I have tried just
> removing pump during exercise, adjusting bolus if able to exercise just after
> meal, or having snack and keeping pump in place.  Not pleased with any of the
> results so far.

My endo has me change my carb/insulin ratio when I am planning 
on exercising.  When I'm sedentary, it's 15 gm/unit.  When I'm 
planning on exercise, it's either 20 gm/unit or 25 gm/unit depending 
on the intensity that I expect.  I don't always knows how much 
intensity there will be, so if I went for the 20 gm/unit, I might end up 
low part way through.  If I go for the 25 gm and and overestimated 
the intensity, I'll end up high and have to correct for high bgs later 

My exercise is my job and I don't always know how much work 
there will be nor how intense it will be until I get there.

I also notice that the exercise effect can last a couple of hours 
afterwards.  So when I correct for the higher bg, I don't use the 
usual 80 mg/dl per unit high bg ratio, but sometimes use 60 mg/dl 
per unit especially if it's nearing bedtime or if there seemed to be 
sufficient *anaerobic* type exercise (more muscle work instead of 
just aerobic).

Keep in mind, too, that my exercise can be anywhere from 1 hour 
to 8 hours in duration, which makes it a ....joy :-)... to control.  
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