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RE: [IP] PrecisionLink and Win2k

On my system there where also some problems running PrecisionLink version
I can't remember if the symptoms where the same...

If you look in the installation directory of PrecisionLink (C:\Program
Files\Medisense\Precision Link 2.1) some older versions of system DLL's are
In the system directory (C:\WINNT\system32) you will find newer (Win2k
specific) versions of these.

To make them visible you may have to change the folder options in Windows
Go to the 'C:\Program Files\Medisense\Precision Link 2.1' or
'C:\WINNT\system32' folders
Tools - Folder Options - View
select 'Show hidden files and folders'
unselect 'Hide protected operating system files ...'
(remember the originals settings and reset them afterwards)

For all .dll files in the PrecisionLink folder check if you find a file with
the same name in the system32 folder. If a file exists with the same name,
rename it in the PrecisionLink folder.

It did this with following files:
mfc42.dll      renamed to save_mfc42.dll
msvcrt.dll     renamed to save_msvcrt.dll
msvcrt40.dll   renamed to save_msvcrt40.dll
olepro32.dll   renamed to save_olepro32.dll

Make these changes as an administrator. If you get an error renaming the
files, restart your system and make the changes before starting
Only make changes to the files in the PrecisionLink folder, don't change
anything in the system32 folder.

Try starting PrecisionLink after renaming these files. If it works, leave it
like this, if not, restore the original filenames.

If you had to change the folder options to see these hidden or system files,
reset them to the original settings.

-----Original Message-----

Is anyone successfully using the PrecisionLink software with Windows
2000? I started off with version 2.1 but that wouldn't even install. I
got them to send me a free copy of version 2.2, which installed fine,
but doesn't seem to run. When I double click on it, it briefly flashes
the PrecisionLink startup screen, then nothing after that. It doesn't
show up in the Task Manager either...
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