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[IP] I got it!

Thank you, thank you.....I was trying to explain the Splenda stuff to
someone and couldn't get it out!   GREAT EXPLANATION and I get it now!
Thanks, Jim!

 SNIP>>>>> Okay I gotta ask...about this 'left-handed' sugar stuff.  What
does it mean 
> when the sugar is 'left-handed'?  And is there 'right'handed'?
Jim Said: 
There are different directions in which some of the molecules twist in
biological systems.  Most common in natural biological systems is left or
alpha -- hence DNA is an alpha helix, that is it coils to the left, or
counter clockwise.  If it coiled to the right, or clockwise, it would be a
beta helix.  If I had to guess, if sucrose has a twist, then if a molecule
twisted in the opposite direction, it would have a different effect on the
tissue it encountered.
Jim Hansfield<<<<<<SNIP
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