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Re: [IP] Exercise

I have been working out regulary for about a year, 4-5 months with the pump.
I'm not sure what you mean by "extreme".  When I do cardio on a bike, or
weights, I will alost always bolus extra insulin (usually 2units)  before or
during the workout.  If I don't, I will go high, due to stress hormones,
adreneline, etc.  This is especially true if I lift weights, even
moderately.   I workout in the mornings, before work and breakfast.  On
occasion, I will go low before lunch.  I will sometimes be higher after I
exercise, even if I bolus before.  If I only do the bike, I will bolus
before, if I'm above 150.  Whether I go high, or stay about the same usually
depends on how intense and how long the workout is.  YMMV.
Hope this helps.
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