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Re: [IP] Re: Blood donations

My hubby is on several meds and he was allowed to donate blood.  I don't think
taking meds prevents donation of blood.
I can't give blood because of health problems that would be dangerous to me if
I were to give blood.
So others in my family give instead. If I had a choice of living and having a
few meds in me for a few days until the body gets rid of them ( meds leave the
body) or dying from lack of blood I would happily take your blood.
email @ redacted

At 05:53 PM 1/10/01 -0500, you wrote:
>> I thought on the last thread here some DMer's said they were able to
>I have forgotten how they got around these totally outdated regulations.>>
>I think there is something a lot of people are forgetting. DM isn't a simple
>disease and many are on more medications other than the hormone replacement
>insulin. For instance, I take 8,800u EPO injections bi-weekly; Synthroid,
>Premarin, Dilantin, Norvasc, Cozaar, Cardura, Lasix, daily; and other Rx's as
>needed. Would you really want those meds in my bloodstream transfused into
>you? I guess they have guidelines, and if someone is strictly on insulin that
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