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[IP] Re: Blood donating redux

I wrote:
>> This screening should eliminate
>> any diabetic who really isn't healthy enough
to donate safely --
>> or one who is on medications that would keep
the blood from being
>> safe to use.

Jack wrote:
>Dm'ers should be limited by the same parameters
>as 'normal' people.

Right. Just to clear up any confusion, this is exactly
what I was trying to say -- that the regular screening
procedures are designed to weed out people who 
should not donate, either for their own safety or for
the safety of the blood supply. Since there is not a
blanket reason to exclude diabetics from donating,
the same screening procedures should apply. I was
mainly trying to address the concerns of people on
the list who were saying "but some diabetics really 
*aren't* healthy enough to donate."  Well, sure -- 
just like many non-diabetics.

/Janet Lafler

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