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[IP] Bad morning - Low blood Sugar

     I usually don't post but today I must share my experience.  This
     morning (6am) I was in bed thinking my bs was low and that I should
     get out of bed and get something to eat, but somehow I had thoughts
     that it would go away.  By the time I woke my husband up to get me a
     glass of OJ I must have been really low because after dringing my
     juice I had to go to the bathroom really bad.  I asked my husband to
     help me because I didn't think I could walk.  My legs felt as though I
     was paralyzed.  I wanted my legs to move but they wouldn't.  He helped
     me get there without having an accident but I could not believe how
     mcuh my brain function decreased when low.  Has this ever happened to
     anyone else on the list.  I recently increased my basal rate from 5 to
     7 am up .2 units, so I know that the increase was what caused this
     low.  But it was still scary!

     Chris Bonner
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