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[IP] sites not absorbing

We had what I think was our first site problem on Tuesday.  Blood sugars 
rising, ketones, correction boluses not helping, etc.  I finally gave Nora 
an injection of H which worked like a charm.  We changed her site, and all 
was well.  My question:  what, if anything, happens to the insulin that went 
into that non-absorbing site?  Could it be released later, possibly causing 
a low?

In the back of my mind, I keep thinking that a 6 year old can't possibly be 
running into non-absorbing sites due to scar tissue yet, but I guess there 
can be other reasons why a site that's been in only 12 to 14 hours would 
stop working (?)  Any thoughts?

Sally, mom to Nora 6, pumping 11/00
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