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No Subject

     I have the minimed 507C and find swimming with it possible but 
     cumbersome at times. I use the sports case, which works well (careful 
     though I think it's only rated for up to 10 foot depths according to 
     the literature). The only issue is that the case is bulky in my 
     opinion and  makes bolusing difficult (must remove it from the case 
     fist). However, the 508 remote would get rid of this hassle. When I 
     replace my pump in a few years, I'll probably reevaluate and consider 
     the waterproof brands. OTher than that I love my pump.
     Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 11:02:28 -1000
     From: David Adams <email @ redacted>
     Subject: [IP] Swimming with pumps
     I'm selecting my first pump and would like to hear from real users 
     swimming. I live in Hawaii and swim in the ocean and in pools. I am 
     to get the MiniMed because of insurance and local training options. 
     anyone tell me about swimming with the MiniMed? With another brand?
     Note: I often wear a shorty when swimming and am not sure if the 
     waterproofing case will even fit.
     - ----------------------------------------------------------
      David Adams
      Kailua, HI 96734
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