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[IP] Re: Blood donating redux

>> I spoke with a couple of the locals
>> (Las Vegas) and was finally told that it was
>> 'FDA guideline'.

> The locals were misinformed.

Which is what I thought, and why I put it in

> Next time, try the local American Red Cross.
> Jim Handsfield

I looked and could not find them here.  The only
other blood donating organization (in the phone
book) is a Pyramid Blood.  They seem even less
informed than UBS and told me that the reason
was because of the 'drugs' that I take.  I told
them that there were no drugs in my system (and
no alcohol, tobacco, etc.), besides insulin
which I don't consider a drug, he replied that
he didn't know why and he was busy.  I should
call back next week when they had a nurse in.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Certified allexperts.com expert -
They misunderestimated me.
 - George W. Bush, Nov. 6, 2000
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