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[IP] L- glucose

sykstat writesSubject: Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #776
Okay I gotta ask...about this 'left-handed' sugar stuff. What does it mean
when the sugar is 'left-handed'? And is there 'right'handed'?
in nature as well as in the body sugars when in solution move a light beam 
to the right. these are called dextrorotatory sugars. the opposite form, l 
sugars are called levorotatory sugars. the molecular construction of body 
substances made from sugars only an use d- glucose and not l-glucose so 
they produce no calories, can't wind up as fat and have no nutritional 
value.  The usual glucose is d-=glucose that does enter the metabolic 
pathway/ L glucose tastes like d- glucose but does not get metabolized. It 
is not generally found in nature. It has to be synthesized in a lab. Spot
A Bender, M. D.
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