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Re: [IP] Re: Sucralose/Splenda

On 10 Jan 2001, at 21:31, Michele Sumara wrote:

> I've noticed that my daughter's blood sugar rises with a lot Splenda. The nutritional analysis states
> "less than 1 gr carbohydrates" per package.  But my kid can drink three to four glasses of lemonade, each
> made with 3 packets of splenda, in no time.  During one weekend day I noticed her BG rise, and with no
> other adequate suspect, I backed off on the splenda and made her drink flavored mineral water.  (That was
> a struggle!)
> I haven't had the time yet, but I intend to do some research on the cumulative carb value of splenda.  I
> fear it's not a "free" sweetener.  Does anyone have better info?
>From what I understand, the packet form (granular) is mixed with a 
filler.  Maltodextrin or somesuch (I don't recall exactly).  Without 
that filler, the amount would be too tiny to measure.  A few grains, 

And that's what the carbs are coming from.  

The tablet form is not mixed with the same filler.  I think it's mixed 
with lactose.  It has less affect on my bgs, from what I can tell.
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