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Re: [IP] Gone live too!

On 10 Jan 2001, at 20:52, Jeff Reap wrote:

> I went live with my pump today too.  My sugars have been excellent to just a
> little low.  One of you wrote that it took a week for your long lasting
> insulin to peter out and then you had some work to do.  I am interested in
> exactly what you went through after the first week.

well, mainly, my numbers started climbing and climbing and 
climbing.  >340 mg/dl but no detectable ketones & only mild urine 
glucose.  But I panicked anyway.

Change my set.  Waited awhile.  Finally gave myself a shot of 
humalog with a syringe.  

Call Minimed support and went through all the tests over the phone 
with him (took about 1/2 an hour to get through his entire script). 
Went hypo (45 mg/dl) near the end of that phone call from the 
syringe shot.  

Then put in a call to my endo and faxed her my numbers.  She 
called back with new basal rates and new carb/insulin ratio and 
voila! problem solved. 

For a couple days. Cuz then I began eating things I'd avoided for a 
year and started the rollercoaster all over again.  :-)

I had one almost perfect week, right before Xmas.  Then I had a 
really bad week.  Gee, what a surprising thing to happen during the 
holidays!  (not).

Saw my endo last week, who upped my basals a bit more.  Back 
on track now.  Or at least, better.  I still have trouble estimating 
when I can't weigh foods.  AND I'm approaching my period, which 
(twice so far, anyway) seems to require even higher basals.
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