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Re: [IP] "time of the month" question

> On 10 Jan 2001, at 23:42, email @ redacted wrote:
> > Could it be the time of the month? My period is due in about a 
> > week. Is that about the time that some of you notice a rise in 
> > bg's?
> I've definitely noticed it.  But I've only been at this for a couple
> months, so I can't prove it to my endo yet.  It's gonna take me
> being in consistently tight control for at least 2 months before
> she'd believe it.
Ahhh.... gee... gotta be pretty dense if she's a woman and doesn't 
realize other women have periods. heh... heh... perhaps she has not 
dealt with the bg effects of menstruation in her patients. It is well 
known that bg's go up about a week before mensus starts. See the FAQ

How menstruation affects diabetes control
email @ redacted
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