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Re: [IP] Gone Live

On 10 Jan 2001, at 18:48, John Ripa wrote:

> > Warning:  You still have long-acting insulin in your system.  It took
> > several days for mine to peter out so my first week was excellent...
> > After that, I had some work to do!  :-)
> >
> wombn,
> weren't you on ultralente?  I was only on NPH which has a much shorter
> duration then UL but thanks for the heads up.  I've already excitedly called
> my CDE twice and she is pretty impressed to.......I hope this keeps up

I was on Lente/Regular, then Lente/Humalog, and it's quite true I 
don't know a derned thing about NPH (except that it's really 
weird).... :-)
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