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[IP] "time of the month" question

Before I went on the pump, I sometimes suspected that my
insulin needs were different at different times of the month;
but my numbers were never stable enough for me to really
tell -- it could have been variations in the action of the 
ultralente, or any number of other things. If it was different,
it was a pretty subtle difference.

However, the last couple of days, my bg's have been somewhat
elevated (running 130 - 200), for no reason that I can figure
out. I don't think I'm coming down with a cold or anything like
that, I haven't changed my basal rates, and I don't think it's a
site problem (I changed my site on schedule this morning). 
Could it be the time of the month? My period is due in about a 
week. Is that about the time that some of you notice a rise in 



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