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[IP] Re: DKA vs HHNK (was basal insulin and ketones

>>Didn't someone medical in the group say it was more
Like 50% of the people in the non-ketotic-hyperosmolar coma
die and only 10%
in DKA comas? Of course any one person dying is too many but
the stats say the type 2 coma
is worse.<<

Both are not nice to have. HHNK dehydration is more severe,
and because many of the Type 2's may have cardiac and renal
complications, and are older than DKA patients, the
treatment requires more care and caution. Often, it is the
medications used to treat the complications that are part of
the problem. I used to work in critical care. More DKA
patients walked out of the hospital than did the HHNK.
Sometimes, it is also difficult to determine which came
first, severe hyperglycemia, or a complication that caused
it (heart attack, stroke, infection). IV fluid replacement
for HHNK is often much slower than replacement in DKA. Both
need insulin and fluid.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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