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[IP] Re: stomach flu

Hi Moira,
My daughter got nailed with stomach flu about 1 month after she started
pumping last January.  With the help of our pump team, it was a MUCH
easier situation to handle.... we substantially increased her basals to
cover her rise in BG during her fever (doing lots of extra BG tests),
and didn't worry about carb food intake at all, just fluids to keep her
hydrated.  We kept an eye on the ketones (she had moderate-to-large at a
few points).  No trips to the ER, just check-ins by telephone with our
team. It wasn't a walk in the park, but much better than a stay in the
Good luck with your pump start!  Tomorrow is our 1 year pumping
Mom to Genevieve(age 5, pumping since 1/11/2000, dx'd @ age 13 months)
             and James (age 9 non-D)
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