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[IP] Ketones with pump

I've got a question that I hope someone can answer-
Although I am in the process of getting on the pump,
(I'm on shots right now)this is a question that has a
great deal of connection with going on the pump
concerns.Anyhow,one day when I forgot to take any
syringes w\me to work(remembering the bottles of
insulin, of course, that was one time I wish I could
swallow insulin)I'd eaten a normal breakfast of 35c
before going to work,with a bg of around 150.
Lunch BG was 230,I ate about half of my normal
lunch(25 carbs)At 3:30 post-work my bg was 247 and I
had moderate ketones.I had not taken any insulin since
6 pm the night before(3Humalog, 5 Lente)a period of 22
hours.And I missed my morning shot of 2H,27L.For the
next two days, I had  moderate ketone problems
whenever my bg got over 200.My bg should have been
much higher than that,and ketones small-I never get
moderate ketones unless my bg is upper 400's(or
sick)(and even that builds up from
trace+-gradually)So, I'm curious, how would a bg of
produce moderate-heavy ketones if you weren't sick or
something?Would the total lack of insulin produce such
a phenonemen in someone regardless of the bg?Despite
the fact I'd eaten most of that days food
allowence,and with no insulin to utilize it bgs should
have been much higher,the weird thing was the high
ketones.Which brings me to the pump relevence of the
question-are ketones really easy to get if your bgs
aren't very high but your not get enough
insulin(likeif you fast for 12+ hours)?And do most
peopleon pumpshave problems with insulin site
absorption-with developing ketones? Somehow,I can
envision devoloping constantketones due to a host of
other causes than just being sick,which will make any
previous problems seem like a piece of cake compared
to ketone problems with the pump. 

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