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Re: [IP] Swimming with pumps

>I'm selecting my first pump and would like to hear from real users about
>swimming. I live in Hawaii and swim in the ocean and in pools. I am likely
>to get the MiniMed because of insurance and local training options. Can
>anyone tell me about swimming with the MiniMed? With another brand?
>Note: I often wear a shorty when swimming and am not sure if the optional
>waterproofing case will even fit.

My husband Shane has a D pump and it usually goes in the water with him
when he is swimming. We found a pair of board shorts with a pocket on
the side that has a good velcro strip to hold it closed. Some people
disconnect while in the water and periodically reconnect and bolus
enough to cover the missed basal. Other people just disconnect and don't
do anything about the missed basal because either the exercise and/or
cold water reduce or eliminate their need for the missed insulin. Shane
has found that in cold water he needs to lower his basal rate.
As for other ways to attach the pump if you have no pocket - I know that
D has various cases with belts so that you can just strap the belt
around your waist outside of a swimsuit or wetsuit (or even inside I
suppose). I would guess that you could find something similar with the
MM sportcase.
good luck,
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