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Re: [IP] Big Weight Problems

Sarah wrote:

<<I have a little concern that I hope one or some of
you can answer.  From reading other e-mails I have
learned that many people gain weight when they go on
the pump.. is this a common and or drastic side
effect? I know that it sounds like a pretty
superficial question, however, I really am struggling
with my weight right now and I don't need anyadditional problems...>>

Sarah, for me, I quickly lost 15 pounds when I went on the pump.  I figured
my weight gain was from treating the many lows I suffered while on MDI.
Once the lows stopped, the weight loss started.  This, again is a YMMV
thing.  Some people gain weight with the pump because they get the freedom
to eat whatever they want for the first time without worrying about the
consequences, since, with a pump, you can consume whatever you want (even
regular pop and Krispy Kremes) without fears of high bgs as long as you
bolus correctly.

For me, on MDI, exercise was a double-edged sword since I had to constantly
consume carbs during exercise to keep from bottoming out.  Now, with the
pump, I can better manage my bg during exercise either by cutting the bolus
or the basal to allow me to exercise without consuming mass quantities of
carbs.  YMMV.

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