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Re: [IP] Stomach Flu

> In a message dated 1/10/01 1:23:27 AM !!!First Boot!!!,
> email @ redacted writes:
> << Lauren was hospitalized Friday for stomach
>  flu and was kept in until today. It was bad -- these bugs hit her
>  hard and she always ends up on IV -- this time glucose in one and
>  insulin in the other. I am wondering, will the pump make all this
>  easier? Countdown is one and a half weeks until pump time! >>
> Sorry to hear about your experience.  Hope all is well now.  
> My son has come down with the stomach flu every winter and winds up
> in the ER with an IV for a few hours.  Just vomiting a couple times
> puts him in early ketoacidosis quickly.  I too was wondering if
> being on the pump will save us a trip to the ER next time.

Being ill as above is still dicey for a pump person. Basically with a 
pump and no long term insulin on board, you can still retain pretty 
precise control over bg's for your self or (in my case) for a sick 
child. Usually fever, etc.... drives bg's up so a quick bolus + temp
increase in basals over the short term usually keep things under 
control. Conversely, with no NPH present + stomach flu, there is no 
immediate danger of a low or to try and force food. This makes life 
much easier not only for the sick person but also for this harried 
parent. Basically things fall back almost to sick care for anyone. 
Keep them hydrated, fever medication, etc..... I don't mean to 
understate the danger -- it's still difficult, but certainly more 
manageable with a pump rather then MDI therapy.

Michael(dad to Lily 17, pumping 7 years)
email @ redacted
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