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Re: [IP] Donuts

> SNIP>>>>> then why the current thread on Krispy Kreme
> donuts...HMMMMM!!!?!!!<<<<<<<SNIP
> OK, Y'all, I have never seen or tasted a Krispy Kreme donut.  

Hmmmm.... a KK is not really a donut, a least not when it comes hot 
off the conveyer -- closer to a tiny part of HEAVEN!!! yummmmmmm!

> Donuts have not been a part of my life, ever!   I have eaten a
> "dunkin donut" at a meeting once when ny bgs were low, and I

really not the same.

> immediately wanted 15 more (didn't though).  That one donut raised
> my bgs a big hunk (about 150) so I have not consumed any since.  
> BUT   they way everyone is talking about Krispy Kremes makes me want
> to find one and dive in.   Are they really that good?? What is the
> difference to make them so outstanding?  

hard to describe, but they really do melt in your mouth.
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