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[IP] Mixing Humalog and Velosulin

> I would like some info regarding mixing Humalog with V or R in order
> to prolong the site.  My daughter lasts about 36 hours on one site,
> after that her bgs go up.  I have read that mixing insulins can help
> with this problem.  When I ask our CDE about it she said she'd never
> heard about this and that it doesn't sound logical.  Is there anyone
> out there who could give me a logical explanation so I can forward
> it to our CDE?  Our CDE is willing to "try anything once" but I'm
> not so sure about the doctor...All I've heard so far is that it has
> something to do with "Humalog sensitivity"!!???

There are no studies on this, just ancedotal reports. Bottom line, 
seems that about 5% of pump/humalog users have some sort of Humalog 
sensitivity which is aleviated by mixing a small amount of Velosulin 
or regular with the H. My own experience has just been using 
Velosulin for my daughter, but their many others on the mail list 
that can cite similar results. Lily uses a mix of 5 parts Humalog and 
1 part Velosulin in her pump. With straight H she gets 36 - 48 hours 
max from a site before her bg's skyrocket and bolusing is 
in-effective. With the mix, she changes her site twice a week -- we 
don't know how long a site would last because she never goes beyond 4 
days. Prior to using H, she used straight Velosulin and never had any 
difficulty with sites lasting the 3 or 4 days between changes. When 
she switched to H, she immediately began having problems with bg's, 
usually by the end of the second day her site was in. After a few 
weeks of this she switched back to Velosulin for a month and her bg's 
immediately smoothed out again. We tried several different mixtures, 
5 parts to 1 part, 4 parts to 1 part, 3 parts to 1 part -- and she 
found that the 5/1 worked almost as well as straight H in terms of 
response, and provided the same site life as Velosulin. She's been 
using this mixture now for several years. 

This is not very scientific, but it works for us. The same formula, 
method, whatever seems to work for many others who have tried it. 
What you might do to verify that H sensitivity is a factor is to 
switch entirely to Velosulin for a week or maybe a little longer. If 
the site problems go away and you have changed nothing else in your 
routine, then that pretty much identifies the culprit. BEAR IN MIND 
if you do change insulins for such a trial, that basal change times 
will be roughly an hour earlier and you have to pre-bolus for meals 
due to the change in absorbtion characteristics between Humalog and 
regular Velosulin (or any regular insulin). This is not the case with 
the mix -- it behaves pretty much the same as straight H, at least 
for us. Other than changing times, Lily made no other changes to her 
basal or bolus regimens when switching between insulins. YMMV.

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