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Re: [IP] Big Weight Problems

Here, Here, to the "fluffy" Girls!!
My whole life was spent in shame and misery for having a full, female form.
I'm of Irish/Norse Heretage (Swede, really, but they're neighbours, OK?) and a
big lady. My natural mother stood almost six feet and I'm not far behind her.

I'm short waisted and extremely muscular, with a trend towards being of the
mesomorph somatype.

BUT, because I wasn't the lithe, little petite flower that doctors thought I
ought to have been, I was given diet pills at the age of 12!!!  Shamed if I so
much as LOOKED at a snack, and made to go to weight watchers on the advise of
the school nurse and gym teacher! At 15, I was suicidal. Now I think "Let them
deal with it if they don't like my looks".

I'm type one, full fledged, and was 'skinny' at diagnosis (155lbs), and really
got tired of the "Lose weight brigade". They thought I should weigh in at

The pump helped me lose weight which I had gained from 'chasing' the NPH and
such with extra food.

I'd rather be a woman of strength and power instead of the weak little thing
hanging on a guy's arm, shrinking at every little noise.  As Sara SP says, "Be
Loud and Be Proud!"

Some of our greatest actresses and musicians were and are not little things,
so work with what your body is and 'be a limousine, while all the rest are

Jenny Sutherland
  Roxanne, thank you SO much for addressing that issue!!!!  :) :) :)

  I also have an issue with weight, even though I'm also NOT obese -- BMI
  has been hovering between 25.5 and 26 for the last 6 years. I'm 52, and
  I ain't NEVER again gonna have the body of a teenager!
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