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[IP] Donuts

SNIP>>>>> then why the current thread on Krispy Kreme

OK, Y'all, I have never seen or tasted a Krispy Kreme donut.   Donuts have
not been a part of my life, ever!   I have eaten a "dunkin donut" at a
meeting once when ny bgs were low, and I immediately wanted 15 more (didn't
though).  That one donut raised my bgs a big hunk (about 150) so I have not
consumed any since.   BUT   they way everyone is talking about Krispy Kremes
makes me want to find one and dive in.   Are they really that good?? What is
the difference to make them so outstanding?  

I mean, my drug of choice is Godiva, or Scarfenburger, but maybe I need a
diversion - fat for fat gram, I doubt there is much difference.  I will go
searching now for Krispy Kreme!
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL (where there is probably not a Krispy Kreme, have to go to
Birmingham or Atlanta...) 
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