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Re: [IP] Big Weight Problems

email @ redacted wrote:
> Sarah, Sarah, Sarah...I can speak as both a Dietitian, a pump user, and also
> a person in the group of 'overweight but not obese.'
> You are also a part of the 'age group' that considers a size 3-4 to be
> fat...so are you truly overweight (you don't have to answer that...just some
> food for thought.)

> DM for 18+ years and pumping for 6+ years, and a BMI of 29!

Roxanne, thank you SO much for addressing that issue!!!!  :) :) :)

I also have an issue with weight, even though I'm also NOT obese -- BMI
has been hovering between 25.5 and 26 for the last 6 years. I'm 52, and
I ain't NEVER again gonna have the body of a teenager! 

MY issue is the one about overweight CAUSING diabetes (because I'm not a
true Type 1) -- I continue to struggle with guilt problems. Even though
I know that in MY case, it CAN'T be weight related. I was diagnosed at
age 44, and I was never actually obese -- just on the edge! Then I lost
25 lb. (17% of body weight) and the diabetes DIDN'T go away  like I was
promised by the dietitian and the media.  

I really think that we're ALL done a disservice by the constant media
harping on obesity -- Type 1's are just like the rest of the population
-- they come in a variety of body shapes, and we're not all SUPPOSED to
be thin and willowy!

I really think that we need to be concentrating on eating healthily and
exercising appropriately and then let the weight take care of itself.
It's not right to be so obsessed with weight that it makes us miserable
and stops us from enjoying LIFE! 

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