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Re: [IP] Treating Lows

On 9 Jan 2001, at 21:24, Patrick G. Jobe wrote:

> I am interested to know how most of you treat low blood sugars. Specifically
> do you (like my CDE recommends) eat enough carbs (10 to 15g) to raise your
> blood sugar the 40 to 60 points to eventually bring it back to "normal"? Or
> do you (like me) tend to empty the refrigerator trying to get a FAST result.
> And - more to the key concern of my question - if you "over eat" to treat
> the low do you bolus for the excess carbs?

I TRY not to overtreat it, but danged if it ain't tough to stop!

I'm finding it easier not to overtreat as much now.  I think the 
reason is partly I'm getting more experienced, but mostly, I know 
exactly how much insulin is in there and what the chances are of 
my continuing to drop.  With the Lente/Regular, I was never quite 
sure what it was going to do or when, no matter how much I 
studied those insulin activity charts.

I've spent a lot of time getting my basals set exactly right (or darn 
close anyway), so now it's a matter of trying to decide whether I 
over-counted the carbs or under-counted the activity (my lows are 
90% during physical activity, 10% over-counting carbs--especially 
if I didn't weigh it).
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