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[IP] IP] Treating Lows

I used to eat anything that didn't move when I had a low.  I had a dietician
who told me "you are going to feel terrible for 15 minutes, deal with it" .
So, I now take only 3 glucose tablets and test in 15 minutes (avoiding the
Christmas candy).  If I'm above 70 or 75, I'm not as ravenous as before and
I'm ok. I don't go back to bed, if it's night, before I'm 90.  I used to eat
cheese (protein) afterwards, before the pump, but I don't think that is
necessary anymore.  Haven't figured that out yet.
The fact that the dietician(someone other than me) told me I would feel
awful for 15 minutes(which I knew) helped so much.  I don't know why ... it
focused me on dealing with a low logically rather than dealing with my
natural need for food, no matter what the consequences.

I only bolus for a BG over 150 after a low and too many glucose tabs and I
don't do that at night (unless it might get to near 180 or over at night,
never happened so far).  Watch out for the later highs that may happen after
the lows.
You may have different experiences.
My own comments, hope it helps.
Kathie W.
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