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[IP] insulin-pumpers-digest V4#775

This is a comment to Lyndy's message of Jan. 9, V4#775.  I want very much 
to be a user of the dtron pump. I received the htron in Jan, 2000. The 
following March, the Disetronic company put out their "power of choice" 
plan. It was an attractive deal for people choosing a pump. Take the 
original htron, and when the new dtron comes out in a few months, you may 
choose the new one and we (the company) will take back the 
original.  During this time, obviously, the company is having new pump 
patients attach themselves to their pumps, giving that company lifelong 
customers. The htron is as good a pump as minimed but probably not as good 
as the animas from what I understand from users of pumps. However, the 
dtron is, at this point, maybe--for me-- most desirable.  The reason being: 
it has drop-in insulin cartridges with a long shelf life. In other words, 
if one were lucky enough to be eligible for the "power of choice", one 
could attain a greater degree of freedom with the dtron because of the 
drop-in cartridge feature. Now: why cannot I choose the dtron as well as 
anyone else who has the htron and wishes to gain a level of ease living 
with diabetes? The reason is, the company does not want to lose any amount 
of money no matter how small. In their ads, the company labels this pump as 
the world's most advanced. I read in a Diabetes Interview publication that 
one out of every three new pump wearers in the US chooses a Disetronic and 
that their overall market share is greater than 20 percent.  The president 
and CEO of Disetronic, Patrik DeHaes, stated in that article that the htron 
is for active people and kids, the dahedi pump for those who want it simple 
and discreet, and the (new) dtron is the world's most advanced. Now, I am 
neither very active nor a kid. I am a 64 year old person, with diabetes for 
over 40 years. I always strive for good control and have always sought out 
the best treatment programs. When I received my htron just 59 days before 
the power of choice was declared, my doctor told me about a new pump coming 
into the market; however, he did not know when. HE DID GIVE MY NAME TO THE 
TERRITORY MANAGER so that when the new pump came to the market, I would be 
able to change.  however, I was never granted this right to choose on March 
1. Bringing up this issue first to my doctor and then to the territory 
manage, Mr. McBeth, I was told by Mr. McBeth (to paraphrase) that if I was 
not happy, then I really should go to another pump company. I told this to 
the district manage who called me after he spoke to my doctor. He very 
nicely explained to me that if they take back my pump and give me the 
"world's most advanced pump", the company will lose money because they 
cannot reuse the old pump. Now, with annual sales and earnings growth of 
more than 15 percent over the past three years and return on equity of 12 
percent (or more), the Disetronic company cannot accommodate the users of 
pumps who narrowly missed their so generous an offer as of March 1. Yes, 
perhaps I should take Mr. McBeth's advice and go to animas. I do know that, 
in a short time, animas will also have a drop-in cartridge. It is probably 
not a difficult thing to manufacture. It is just that animas is a rather 
new company and has not put its know-how to that yet.  However, they will 
give Disetronic a run for its money.  Perhaps that is exactly what might 
humanize them.
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