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[IP] RE: Mental Decline

Gail J Donohue said:
>To test a theory of my own I had a co-worker (yes we practice on
>each other often) administrater a new cognitive test on me when
>my blood sugar was low (65). Compared to other intelligence tests
>that I have taken I lost an significant amount of points on my IQ
>and in very specific areas too. Long term effect I don't know. But it
>would be an interesting study on kids that were tested before they
>became diabetic and to see what the scores were after they had
>been diabetic for some time if there were changes. If I find a
>research article addressing this I will post it.

This brought to mind something I read a while ago.  I quote from the

Brain abnormalities demonstrated by MRI are common in patients with IDDM of
long duration and are suggestive of premature aging of the brain.  IDDM per
se may be an important pathogenic factor, but a significant association was
observed between a history of recurrent severe hypoglycemia and cortical
atrophy, which may be related to the modest impairment of cognitive function
that has been reported previously.

Original article by Petros Perros, MD, et al, in Diabetes Care, Vol. 20, No.
6, June 1997, pg 1013

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998
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