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Re: RE[IP] RNWeb and pumps

Lisa Gogan,

  Hang in there lots with the numbers.  My son has been on the H-Tron for a 
year now and we are only just starting to see consistantly good numbers.  But 
like I've told other parents with these kids it will never be 'perfect' until 
they get through all of the hormonal rages that will occur from now until 
adult-hood.  Just when you think you have this thing down the hormones kick 
in and you are starting all over again with the basal testing and what-not.  
But the freedom that the pump gives back to our kids is too great to consider 
going back to MDI.  If is NOT an overnight success (big bummer when I found 
that out!!!) and it is hard work, but so worth it!  Good luck and feel free 
to write to me personally if you have kid specific questions.

mom to Joshua
email @ redacted
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