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Re: [IP] basal insulin and ketones

Jim wrote:
"If keto-acidosis is already present (though not recognized), whether
pre-diagnosis or because of some other problem, unknowingly drinking
regular Coke can quickly put a person "past the point of no return"."

Curtis responds:

Huh?  The coke would only raise the BG higher.  (40g per can X 6 pts per
gram = 240 pts or less)  This would contribute to dehydration but the liver
will already be dumping glucose and one would be dehydrated already.  Other
than that, the coke will NOT induce more ketones.  The coke would push no
one "past the point of no return".

If you have ketones you need insulin and water.  And in a real pinch, real
coke could be used for fluid replacement.  Even if you don't cover it, it
will NOT induce more ketones.

Jim, the coke that you drank all those years ago had nothing to do with
your DKA.  You didn't have enough insulin for you body to get energy and it
was using your fat and protein.  It was just coincidence that your
presentation happened after your coke drinking.  It could have happened at
the same time if you had gotten a diet.

Curtis Lomax
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