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Re: [IP] Blood donating redux

If this matter of donating blood is so  vital for some people for whatever 
reason then go donate blood and DO NOT tell them at the center that you are 
diabetic.  If you have good control and you are in a good range at the time 
then just don't tell them.  But be aware of the fact that they will push the 
cookies and juice afterwards.  It's been awhile since I've donated but you 
can be there for atleast half an hour, I think.  Decide for yourself, it is a 
personal choice and if some will allow it and others won't then don't tell 
them either way and they won't need to know.  It is NOT a safety hazard for 
potential recipients, unless of course you were ever on the animal made 
insulin, as Michael mentioned before.  So, just go for it and don't tell 
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