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Re: [IP] Forearm Testing & Styptic Pencil??

> On 9 Jan 2001, at 12:55, email @ redacted wrote:
> > I am female so I have never used one but I was wondering if any males out 
> > there could explain how a styptic pencil works.  Basically, is quick, and 
> > does it sting.

A styptic pencil contains ALUM -- a white substance that is mixed 
with something to make it stick together in the pencil shape. ALUM is 
an astringent that causes tissue to pucker up. If you have ever eaten 
a piece of raw persimmon, basically the effect is the same. It stings 
a little, but not nearly as much as alcohol. The "puckering" up 
causes all the little blood vessels to constrict as well so it is 
pretty good for stopping bleeding of small cuts like razor nicks. 
Presumeably this would apply to lancet wounds as well.

email @ redacted
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