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Re: [IP] basal insulin and ketones

On 9 Jan 2001, at 12:38, email @ redacted wrote:

> People on extreme low-carb weight-loss diets are encouraged to test for
> ketones, because they show that the body is tearing down fat and muscle,
> therefore losing weight, but the BGs are normal. (Why this would be a
> good method for weight loss is beyond me!) 

>From what I understand, ketones are the by-product only of *fat*  
conversion (body fat and dietary fat) to fuel, not protein-conversion.  
So breaking down muscles to use as fuel shouldn't (if my sources 
are correct) cause ketosis.

And from what I've read, any time you're losing weight (losing body 
fat), you're in a state of ketosis because you're breaking down body 
fat to use as fuel. 

(I'm not very good at keeping citations, but I'd try to find them again 
if someone really really really wants me to)
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