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Re: [IP] basal insulin and ketones


At 12:38 PM 1/9/01 -0800, you wrote:

>In Type 1 diabetics, as soon as there is no insulin available, the body
>immediately starts to tear down fat and muscle and produce ketones.
>HOWEVER they may not show up in the urine for a while because they need
>to go over a certain level before they spill.
>The situation for a diabetic is usually that with a lack of insulin, the
>liver DOES begin to convert glycogen to glucose (as opposed to
>starvation, where there is no glycogen to be had), so high BGs will
>usually accompany ketones.
>In the olden days before insulin, treatment was to keep the BGs down by
>feeding the kids a VERY low-carbohydrate diet -- it worked as far as the
>BGs were concerned, BUT didn't stop ketosis and emaciation, and
>eventually DKA from killing the child. A full-blown Type 1 can die of
>DKA with BGs in the 200's whereas a Type 2 can run in the 500's with
>nary an immediate problem! (But wait till later when the complications
>set in!)
>I hope this is a clarification -- feel free to discuss!

I agree with all you have said and in a previous discussion that regular 
Coke will not kill you.  There is a specific detail that is bothering me 
more than a little bit....

If keto-acidosis is already present (though not recognized), whether 
pre-diagnosis or because of some other problem, unknowingly drinking 
regular Coke can quickly put a person "past the point of no return".

Prior to my diagnosis, I didn't feel like eating and I was drinking 
cyclamate coolaid.  No sugar showed in the urine because of no nourishment 
and the "easy" test in the doctors office didn't show anything...  And 
though my body was in bad shape, I was surviving (similar to the 
pre-insulin treatment).

I felt good enough to go to a football game and would have gotten a diet 
drink if it had been available.  It wasn't, so I got a regular....   Less 
than 24 hours later I was in the hospital in critical condition and 
definitely DKA.

Had I died, it would have been because of DKA (not the Coke) - The Coke 
sure got me there much quicker than the between 1 and 2 weeks of only 
having water....

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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