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[IP] Styptic Pencil

     email @ redacted wrote:
     "I like using my forearm to draw blood for a test... I was wondering if any
     "males out there could explain how a styptic pencil works.  Basically, is 
     "it quick, and does it sting.
     "Seems like I could buy one and put it in the case that the meter came in 
     "so I could use it when I needed it.
     "Cee Dee
     This is a great idea.  I use the Amira AtLast meter, and the one drawback
     is that once my forearm starts bleeding, it doesn't want to stop for a
     while.  I haven't used a styptic pencil for a while (since I grew a 
     beard), but as I recall, it worked within a few seconds, and only stung a
     little bit, and for a very short time.  Of course, this was on my face,
     so I would assume using it on the arm would, if anything, sting less (and
     hopefully would work as well).
     I've got a bunch of shirts with bloodstains on the sleeves - hopefully 
     this will stop now.
     Matt Blanchette
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