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[IP] Minimed's Customer Service

I had a good experience with Minimed while on vacation that I want to share.

Over New Year's, my husband and I were in Las Vegas. (This was my first time 
away since pumping.) We had noticed how everytime we touched anything were 
were getting shocked. (lots of thick carpets in the casinos!!)

On the third day or so, in a casino not close to where we were staying, I 
hear this loud siren. Finally I realized it was Lucy (my Minimed 508)that 
was making the noise. I looked at my pump just in time to see the screen go 
blank and the power go out. It quickly restarted. After reading on IP about 
the static alarms others have had, I figured that it was probably the static 
that had caused the alarm, but I thought I would call Minimed anyway.

I spoke to a really helpful customer service rep who put all my fears to 
rest. She offered to send me a new improved leather case that is specially 
formulated to resist shocks. And, she offered to send it to my hotel so I'd 
have it the next day. Of course, I didn't know the address, so she sent it 
to my house. When we got home, it was waiting there for me. I'm trying it 
now. I told my husband that we need to go back to the desert to see if it 
really works. :)

If you don't have one of Minimed's new leather, shock-proof cases, call and 
get one!!

Sheilagh and Lucy
pumping for 7 months
back to cold and snowy Michigan
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