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Re: [IP] Drinking regular pop not deadly

OK, so I think we agree that coke alone will not cause Ketones.

Now to my other point.

That we, at least I, have been guilty of over stating the dangers to get
someones attention when we are explaining how to care for our child.  Maybe
it is done for shock reasons or maybe for sympathy but it is done.

So, My point is that we should be careful to not present incorrect info to
the outsiders.  There are plenty of real dangers to D and we should use
those and only those.  Our zeal in avoiding high numbers (real coke) could
lead to someone not giving sugar in a time of real need.

And , for my kids grandparents and babysitters:

Low numbers--- Bad
Normal numbers -- Great
High numbers -- OK
Ketones -- Bad

I understand the urge to say, "Don't give johnny a real coke.  It could
kill him."  Sometimes you have to use a 2x4 to get their attention but that
is the wrong 2x4.  That 2x4 could kill johnny if they listened.

off of soapbox.

Curtis Lomax
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