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[IP] what people "know" about diabetes

I started reading a mystery novel yesterday ("Night Work,"
by Laurie King). According to the back cover blurb, the case
involves a serial murderer, and one of the things all the 
victims have in common is that they're all carrying candy. 
Hmm, I thought, maybe someone is killing diabetics! (I didn't 
really think that -- I just thought it would be interesting if 
that were the "hook," the thing that all the victims turned out 
to have in common.)


When the second body is found, the detectives discover that 
the murdered man is an insulin-dependent diabetic. But he's 
carrying *chocolate* in his pocket. This is suspicious because 
*of course* a diabetic would never carry chocolate!

Maybe I should forward the author exerpts from our Krispy
Kreme discussion....

/Janet L.

P.S.  The diabetic murder victim is also a pretty evil dude 
-- a serial rapist and general abuser of women. I'm not sure 
what to think about this. I mean, I know that not all diabetics 
are nice people, but it strikes me that his particular sort of
pathology would be unlikely. My sense is that people with
diabetes tend to be (if anything) self-punishing rather than 

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