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Re: [IP] mental decline

>To test a theory of my own I had a co-worker (yes we practice on
>each other often) administrater a new cognitive test on me when
>my blood sugar was low (65). Compared to other intelligence tests
>that I have taken I lost an significant amount of points on my IQ
>and in very specific areas too. Long term effect I don't know. But it
>would be an interesting study on kids that were tested before they
>became diabetic and to see what the scores were after they had
>been diabetic for some time if there were changes. If I find a
>research article addressing this I will post it.


Is your hypothesis that normal levels produce better results?  There 
was a thread last summer about people who "feel" especially creative 
at in the low-normal range.  I have also heard athletes performance 
is best in the low-normal range.  I am curious whether any of this 
holds true, and if so, how the results compare at higher and at lower 
BG levels.

I wonder if there are any tests which measure some intelligence-like 
quality which have the property that they can be repeated with 
precision.  The problem with most tests is that you can do better the 
second time you take them, so it is hard to compare results.  But 
surely there are some tests which would solve this problem.

It seems to me such a study could be extremely important, especially 
for areas which require high levels of performance for short periods 
of time, such as test taking and athletic competitions.

I would love to hear more (sounds like a great dissertation!)

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