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[IP] Blood donating redux

I had followed the thread on this awhile ago.
Recently there has been a lot of reports on the
local news of dangerous shortages in blood. I
want to do my part.  I checked with United Blood
Services to see where I should go and was told
dm'ers could not donate, and that she didn't
know why.  I spoke with a couple of the locals
(Las Vegas) and was finally told that it was an
'FDA guideline'.  I then called the corporate
headquarters in Arizona, 3 times, and was
finally told that it was done for the sake of
the donor.  I don't want them determining what
is best for me, I have been self regulating my
diabetes for 34 years and get suggestions from
my docs.  My blood is high quality and would not
be turned down by any patient or doctor.

I next called one of the local stations (KTNV
13, ABC) and asked why they were claiming
shortages when they were so restrictive on
donors?  Dm'ers are allowed to contribute across
the country and even UBS could not give a viable
reason for refusal, just the 'for the good of
the donor'.  It looks like inertia, that's the
way they did it before, that's the way we will
continue to do it.

In the prior posts it appears that there is a
wide range of responses throughout the country.
Are dm'ers 'generally' accepted or turned away?
Is United Blood Services in the minority or
majority?  Why isn't there a standard in force.
There shouldn't be different guidelines in
different parts of the country.
Jack Granowski
dx 10/66, D pump 7/93, HbA1c 5.9
The universe is full of magical things,
patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.
 - Eden Phillpotts
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