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My real curse is my allergy to eggs.  It affects me through EVERY sense.

If I touch it, like liquid marshmallow on my skin I break out in HUGE hives.

If I accidentally eat it, like taking one lick off a frogurt ice cream cone 
when I was 16, 4 hours away from home, and with a friend and her parents 
(they were clueless-but were also very patient with me upsetting their day).  
I spend about an hour vomiting, about 3 hours with stomach, then intestinal 
cramps.  Then it finishes off with diarrhea for about two hours.

If I go to a friends house where they have been baking a cake, I get asthma.

This more so than my diabetes is my curse.  I would love to visit some 
foreign countries but the language barriers (due mostly with me being 
terrified of getting sick) has limited me to Ontario Canada.  I am even 
afraid to go to any other Provence because I do not speak French.

Cee Dee
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