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[IP] Boy...do I feel stupid!


I just finished reading the posting that Natalie put on about drinking regular
pop and ketones.  I thought all high sugars were capable of giving someone
ketones.  I 'DID NOT' know that if basal insulin was still there that ketones
would not show up.  The hundreds of hours I have spent educatating myself
about so many aspects of pumping, and I missed this. Of course prior to
pumping, basal rates & infusion problems weren't  an issue.  Once pumping, I
always thought she could get ketones if the basal rate wasn't sufficient for
her metabolic needs and her sugars climbed high enough.  Hmmm

For the first time in 8 years, I saw some high blood sugars that resulted in
Erica showing trace ketones.  That was only a few months ago.  I figured it
HAD to be the pop she had as her sugar was quite high, there were no obvious
bubbles in the tubing and everything else looked fine. We had been at a fast
food restaurant and I was absolutely sure the pop had to be the culprit.

**So, now I would have to think that she must have had a huge bubble go
through her tubing which upset the basal and bolus??? Just when I thought our
bubble problems were over (developed a little trick hee hee)  When we
corrected the bolus it came down on its own, although it took a few hours to
do so, without changing the infusion set.  Cripes, now I am not sure if we
changed the infusion set or not!!  Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhh!

So, Natalie, clarify........
  a.. Basal insulin - no ketones with high sugars?
  b.. No basal insulin - ketones would show up, even if the sugar were not in
a really high range that you would normally check for ketones?
Goes to show that after 3 years of reading the IP, or most of it <g>, and 8
years of having a child with diabetes, you always learn something new.  I must
have missed some pretty informative postings...

thanks for this posting,

Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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