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Re: [IP] Krispy Kreme donuts

Michael wrote:
>In general, we've found that the 
>carb info is accurate for the serving size listed, but usually the 
>particular servings are larger or smaller than listed on the package. 

Yes, I've also found this to be true.

It doesn't bother me with something like the nutrition bars that
I eat before I go to the gym; the serving size is "1 bar (48g),"
but I've found that they vary in size from 45 - 60g. As long as
I weigh them and "pro-rate" the carbs, I'm okay. What does
bother me is when the actual serving size is consistently larger
than the one listed on the package: for example, a brand of 
crumpets that lists the serving size as "1 muffin (42g)" when
the muffins consistently  weigh 55-60g (that's different pack-
ages of the same brand, over a period of months or years). When 
that happens, I suspect either a deliberate attempt to deceive or 
a really flagrant case of not caring....

>If you make it a rule to measure everything by weight or volume, you 
>will usually not have a problem and you will improve your ability to 
>estimate by looking at serving sizes.

I do this at home. But I understand that part of the Krispy Kreme
mystique is that they must be eaten HOT OFF THE CONVEYER BELT!  
I suppose I could schlep my gram scale to the Krispy Kreme outlet 
and weigh them on the spot, but it hardly seems worth it -- and
would probably get me some very weird looks. Besides, at the risk 
of seeming unAmerican, weird, and probably in the grip of a deep
psychosis, I admit that I'm not all that crazy about donuts. They 
just don't appeal to me. The only kind I really like are "plain, old-
fashioned." I suppose this reflects a secret preference for the crisp 
and austere over the gooey and flamboyant.

/Janet L.

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