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[IP] re: more on pump selections

>I beg to differ...as usual...there are certain , shall we define them as 
>ADULT ACTIVITIES, that I prefer to be disconnected for...heh heh heh..

now Sara, just so that any newbies don't get the wrong idea, I feel I
should point out that as you said, this is a preference, not a rule.
Shane usually stays connected during these adult activities and it
doesn't bother either of us.

>that said, there truly is almost nothing as nice as taking a shower without 
>anythign ATTACHED to you...even if it IS waterproof.

again, just a difference of opinion, but shane takes 1 of 2 into the
shower (and the bathtub, and the swimming pool, etc) all the time and
doesn't mind at all. and on those occasions where the water AND the
adult activities both come into play.... :-)

>Personally, I think the best pump is the one your health insurance allows you 
>to have.

Personally I find it offensive (although true) that health insurance
companies feel they should be able to dictate your choice of pump. To
me, the "best" pump is the one whose features best match your lifestyle.

>the only comparison you really need to do is life WITH a pump versus life 

I wouldn't say it is the only comparison, but I will agree with you that
ANY pump is better than NO pump (for most people anyway).

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