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Re: [IP] Re: all that knowledge

And don't forget, people, one of the biggest problems I had a hard time 
dealing with in the years I worked in various nursing homes is that these 
elderly are not really being 'observed' by most MD but are signing off on 
what the RNs state they observe.  There are some MDs who are the 'assigned' 
doc for thousands of nursing home patients and some of  these doctors NEVER 
even see these patients but they get paid for being their doctor anyway.  It 
is a sad fact of life and unless people step up and start complaining and 
bringing this obvious fraudulent practice to the attention of the powers to 
be this will continue to be the practice of these 'homes'.  So, to get back 
on track concerning the care of DMers in these homes, unless proper education 
is given to those who are actually taking care of these people occurs the 
care will be status quo for as long as they can do it that way!
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